Selected books, papers, and workshops from my work as a computer scientist.


AI Algorithms, Data Structures, and Idioms in Prolog, Lisp, and Java. George Luger & William Stubblefield. Addison Wesley. 2009.

Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving.Editions 1 (1989), 2 (1993) and 3 (1998). George Luger & William Stubblefield. Addison Wesley. (Note. I did not participate in the 4th and subsequent editions because I wanted to pursue my work in the social dimensions of information technology.)

Source Selection For Analogical Reasoning: An Interactionist Approach. Doctoral Dissertation. Universityof New Mexico. 1995.


Software Design and Engineering as a Social Process. (With Tania L. Carson), Proceedings CHI 2007: Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. 2007.

Embodied Cognition and Evolutionary Psychology as Foundations of Design Research. Position Paper for DIS 2006 Workshop: Exploring Design as a Research Activity. 2006.

The Durability of Culture and the Stories We Tell: Narrative in Long-term Knowledge Management. Position paper for CSCW 2004 Workshop: Conversations with the Past: Community, Technology andInterpretation in Long-Term Knowledge Management. 2004.

The LIGA Traveler: Social and Technical Invariants in Interactive System Design. (with K. S. Rogers & D. S. Ingram) Proceedings DUX 2003: Designing User Experiences. San Francisco. 2003.

Preserving Multiple Expert Voices in Scientific Knowledge Management. (with A.H.Liszka & S.D. Kleban)Proceedings DUX 2003: Designing User Experiences. San Francisco. 2003.

A Collaborative Knowledge Management System for Concurrent Design and Manufacturing. (with A.H.Liszka & S.D. Kleban). Proceedings10th Annual ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications.Madeira Ialand, Portugal. 2003.

Narrative and Meaning in Ordinary Interactive Software.CSCW 2002: Computer Supported Cooperative Work. New Orleans. 2002.

The Micro-Traveler and the Hero’s Journey: Shared Narratives and the Design of a Collaborative Work Environment. Unpublished paper. 2002.

Collaborative Evaluation of Early Design decisions and Product Manufacturability.Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2000.

The Social Life of Engineering AuthorizationsProceedings Design of Interactive Systems – 2000 (DIS-2000). 2000.

Narrative Structure and the Design of Collaborative Virtual Environments, Invited Talk, Group – 99, Phoenix, 1999.

Patterns of Change in Design Metaphor: A Case Study.Proceedings CHI 98: Human Factors in Computing Systems. 1998.

Emotions as Weak Biases in Metaphor Formation. AAAI Fall Symposium: Cognition and Emotion. 1998.

Source Selection for Analogical Reasoning: An Empirical Approach. (with George Luger). Proceedings: Thirteenth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence. 1996.

Improving Source Selection in Analogical ReasoningAAAI Fall Symposium on Relevance. 1994.

Metaphor and the Semantics of Embedded Action. Computers and Philosophy Conference. 1994.


Conversations with the Past: Community, Technology and Interpretation in Long-Term Knowledge Management William Stubblefield, Tameka Barrentine, Adria Liszka (Sandia National Laboratories). CSCW 2004.