• 1/14/22: I’ve finished adding the Press Kit to this website. Now to start trying to find Advance Reviewers for Mother Rat. Contact me if you’re interested!
  • 12/18/21: Merry (my wife and illustrator) and I have set a release date of April 7, 2022 for Mother Rat. This will give us time to line up advance reviewers (contact me if you’re interested in receiving a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review), and plan our release events. Also, this release date will make Mother Rat available for Earth Day 2022!
  • 12/14/21: We’ve just received the final author’s proof for the Mother Rat paperback—no more edits needed. Holding the actual book in my hands filled me with both joy and terror at the realization that this was actually happening, and that we need to release and market this book!
  • 11/9/21: I’ve just finished discussing Mother Rat’s release with my editor, Silvia Curry. She has been a godsend, going well beyond the usual editor’s role. She has both edited the text of Mother Rat and Swarm, and helped me with release planning for Mother Rat. Please visit her at Silvia’s Reading Corner if you’re an author looking for a terrific editor!
  • 11/5/21: Just received the author’s proof of the Mother Rat paperback (we’ll be releasing it as both print and ebook). It is amazing how reading through the book as it will be released showed me at least a dozen errors in layout and design—when I thought it was done.
  • 10/30/21: Merry and I have completed book design of Mother Rat, and the files are ready for uploading to the printer/distributors. It has been a long process, almost as long as it took to write the book (forgive the hyperbole), but we are happy with the layout and typography, and the book’s cover design.