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William Stubblefield writes fiction, essays, and poetry. After a career in software and cognitive science, he shifted his emphasis to his first love: writing fiction and poetry. His work tends toward speculative fiction since it lets him explore the intersection of the scientific and poetic, and because so much of his thinking was shaped by science fiction masters including Clarke, Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury, Herbert, Delany, Dick, Le Guin, and Vonnegut. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains with his wife, Merry, an assortment of domestic animals (several cats and a cockatiel), and a yard graced with visits from diverse wildlife. When not writing, he enjoys playing the guitar, working on his mid-century modern house, and embracing life’s adventures, both extraordinary and mundane.

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Current releases are How Mother Rat Invented the World and Swarm: Metamorphosis. For more information on them, visit their pages, and also the FAQ section of the Media Kit.

How Mother Rat Invented the World

Full Title: How Mother Rat Invented the World: A Fanciful Tale About Creation, Love, Serendipity, Rats, and Other Serious Subjects

Authors: William Stubblefield,
Merry Stubblefield (illustrations)

Publisher: Practical Tales Publishing


Paperback 978-1-7375091-0-3 $6.99,
Hardcover 978-1-7375091-2-7 $17.99,
Kindle 978-1-7375091-1-0 $2.99

Genre: Children’s & middle grade Fantasy, Animal Story, Fantasy & Myth

Description and Excerpt: See the Mother Rat page on this site.

Swarm: Metamorphosis

Author: William Stubblefield

Publisher: Practical Tales Publishing


Paperback 978-1-7375091-4-1 $19.99,
Hardcover 978-1-7375091-3-4 $34.99,
Kindle 978-1-7375091-5-8 $4.99

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Myth and Fantasy, Animal Adventure

Description and Excerpts:See the Swarm page on this site.