Over the course of my Computer Science career, I co-authored (with George Luger) several textbooks, including the first three editions of an Artificial Intelligence Text, published by Benjamin Cummings, and later by Addison Wesley (I left the project after the third edition to pursue other interests; George has continued through subsequent editions), and a book on Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence. (for details, see the Technical Writings section of this site.)

Although textbooks are very different from the fiction that is my current focus, writing them taught me how to write clearly about complex, often unintuitive ideas. It also acquainted me with the editing and publishing process: Dr. Luger and I worked closely with editors and publishers on our first book, and delivered camera-ready copy on the second and third editions.

Other examples of my writing include:

  • Selected Poems. These were mainly written during my days as an undergraduate, but also include a few more recent efforts. I am also starting to post them in the “Essays, short fiction, poetry” section, but here they are in one place.
  • A novel entitled What Air Supports Us. This is a mystery set in a prototype intelligent building, and features as protagonists Elizabeth Florczyk, a software designer, and Victor Rodriguez, an Albuquerque Police Department detective. I wrote it back in 2001, so the technology has changed a lot, but I am pleased with it—at least as a first novel!
  • Of course, I hope you will read the selection of essays, short fiction, and poetry in my Blog!