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James Cobb, the drummer onKind of Blue with the Miles Davis SextetDied last year. I bought the albumWhen I was twelve years old,Browsing in a record store, new to jazz,Intimidated by the endless rows of recordsUntil an older stranger (he … Continue reading

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Elegy: For Isis

I wrote this poem some time ago, when I was first married and working to complete my doctoral dissertation. Isis was a lovely cat who, along with my wife, endured the throes of my dissertation. I wrote this elegy on … Continue reading

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A Political Poem

The day Donald Trump began his campaignFor the presidency, a few in congress(Mainly presidential candidates),Called out his cruelty, corruption,Incompetence, racism, and lies. But afterHe won a freak victory, they cowed and quicklyJoined the other cowards in the party, andRepublicans in … Continue reading

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For Merry

In place of the giftI had forgotten to bring you: A blue hemisphere,the empty half of a robin’s egg. I found it,residue of creation,in the grass beside the sidewalk.

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Haiku on Faith

Certain in your faith?Certainty’s a dream. The fruit of faith is courage.

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