Welcome to William Stubblefield’s web site. In addition to presenting assorted literary and technical works, I have completed a novel entitled Swarm: Metamorphosis, and am currently seeking a publisher.

Swarm: Metamorphosis is a magical realist fantasy. It begins when Astrid Lund returns home to settle her mother’s estate and inherits five house cats. She is shocked to discover that these ordinary cats, all littermates, possess a single, extraordinary ability that makes them the prize in a three-thousand-year-old blood feud. Soon, Astrid finds herself transported to the time and place of the cats’ origins: The Homeric Bronze Age and the plains of Troy. Learn more about Swarm: Metamorphosis . ..

Conceptual Sketch for Cover Art

I’m currently seeking an agent to help me find a publisher for my book, and am also exploring the pros and cons of self-publishing. One way or another, Swarm: Metamorphosis will be published and available to read in a year or so (Spring of 2021 or sooner if I self-publish). If you would like to be notified when it becomes available (as well as receive occasional updates on my progress toward publication), please sign up for my mailing list.