Welcome to the author’s web site for William Stubblefield. This web site marks a major turn in my personal and professional life. Formerly I was a Computer Scientist, working at Sandia National Laboratory. In 2012, I left the labs to focus on my writing and music. Currently, I’m working to set up a company, Practical Tales Publishing. for the purpose of publishing my writing.

The first work I’ll be releasing is a short piece entitled How Mother Rat Invented the World. According to its subtitle, this is A Fanciful Tale About Creation, Love, Serendipity, Rats, and other Serious Subjects. I hope it will find readers among older kids and adults whose imaginations and sense of play remain intact.

My illustrator and I have completed the story and it’s drawings, and are currently focusing on page layout and design. It is a short piece I’m planning on publishing as an ebook and as a printed book toward the end of 2021. Learn more about Mother Rat . . .

My other focus is a magical realist fantasy. Swarm: Metamorphosis begins when Astrid Lund returns home to settle her mother’s estate and inherits five house cats, littermates her mother had nicknamed The Swarm for their tendency to converge on each mischief as if they shared a single mind. Astrid is shocked to discover that these ordinary cats possess a single, extraordinary ability that makes them the prize in a three-thousand-year-old blood feud. Soon, she finds herself transported to the time and place of the cats’ origins: The Homeric Bronze Age.


I have completed Swarm, and will begin work on final edits, page design, and publication after Mother Rat has been released. I expect to publish it in both ebook and physical formats in Spring of 2022. Learn more about Swarm: Metamorphosis . ..

My other projects include writing the occasional piece for my blog, and struggling to learn Jazz Guitar (and I thought writing was hard!)