2023 was a difficult year, owing to the challenges of health problems and life in a country that is struggling to move past the twin threats of COVID and political authoritarianism. Thankfully, as I enter 2024, our social fabric and my health seem strong, so I am returning to the the passions that sustain me: music and writing, including several additions to my short works that are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, please consider reading my books: How Mother Rat Invented the World, a fairy tale for children and the young at heart featuring a wise mother rat, and Swarm: Metamorphosis, a fantasy adventure set in the Bronze age of Homer for young adults and older fantasy lovers. Also, I hope you will enjoy the poetry, essays, and short fiction published on this web site.

How Mother Rat Invented the World is a secular creation myth, a love letter to science and invention, a celebration of nature, and a children’s story for everyone, no matter their age, who embraces imagination, an open heart, and an enduring sense of wonder.

Swarm: Metamorphosis begins when Astrid Lund inherits her mother’s cats, five ordinary animals whose single extraordinary ability places them at the center of a three thousand year-old vendetta. Soon, Astrid finds herself and her animals transported to the time and place of the cats’ origin, the Homeric Bronze Age. Stranded amidst the violence of the Trojan war, Astrid confronts a deadly enchantress’ tragic mistake, the mystery of her mother’s past, and her own terrifying transformation.

Please take a look at my short works, a collection of poems, short fiction, and essays published here on my web site.

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