This web site marks a major turn in my personal and professional life. Formerly I was a Computer Scientist, working at Sandia National Laboratory. Prior to that, I had worked as a visiting professor at Dartmouth College, an instructor for Learning Tree International, and a text book author in collaboration with George Luger. In 2012, I left the labs to focus on my writing and music. Welcome to me-2.0!

Cover for Mother Rat

Currently, I’m working to set up a publishing imprint, Practical Tales Publishing. The first work we’ll be publishing is a sort piece entitled How Mother Rat Invented the World, subtitled A Whimsical Story About Serendipity, Love, Creation, Rats and other Serious Subjects. My illustrator and I have completed the story and it’s drawings, and are currently focusing on page layout and design. It is a short piece I’m planning on publishing with Amazon Short Works in late spring, 2021. Learn more about Mother Rat . . .

My other focus is on a magical realist fantasy I began shortly after leaving the labs. Swarm: Metamorphosis begins when Astrid Lund returns home to settle her mother’s estate and inherits five house cats. She is shocked to discover that these ordinary cats, all littermates, possess a single, extraordinary ability that makes them the prize in a three-thousand-year-old blood feud. Soon, Astrid finds herself transported to the time and place of the cats’ origins: The Homeric Bronze Age and the plains of Troy. I have completed Swarm, and will begin work on page design and publication after Mother Rat has been released. Learn more about Swarm: Metamorphosis . ..

Conceptual Sketch for Swarm’s Cover Art

My other projects include writing the occasional piece for my blog, and struggling to learn to play Jazz Guitar (and I thought writing was hard!)